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Last updated: 10.31.2020

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I was so fucking pissed today when I've discovered that the upload speed on my vultr server was fucking 5 times slower than on my home connection. What the fuck is 200 fucking kB per fucking second. I mean even sending images on xmpp took fucking ages. And it took them a very long time to unblock smtp ports for me, they did in the end but they still were blocked somehow. Got so annoyed that I've moved everything back to my PC. I'm not considering moving to another vps at the moment, I'd rather buy a switch, a few meters of ethernet cable and move my PC somewhere where I don't hear the fans from. I think that'd be the best option for now. I'm quite happy with speeds and overall performance of that machine. I just need to measure how much power it draws. I don't think it'll be that much tho, it's never really loaded. TL;DR I don't get along well with VPSs.

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