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What is leglock.me?

It's supposed to be a collection of web services we run for ourselves and that we sometimes make available to the public.

Who is "we"?

3un0s and tuna... for now.

Why "leglock.me"?

3un0s wanted to buy a domain for himself and tuna suggested "choke.me" but it was already taken and because 3un0s is a pervert he came up with "leglock.me".

What services do you offer?

We run an e-mail and xmpp server for ourselves and our friends (if you want an account drop us an e-mail), we plan on providing more services like file uploading, pastebin and other things we'll find useful along the way.

How can I contact you?

You can send us an e-mail: contact-leglock@riseup.net or send us a message on xmpp: 3un0s or tuna at leglock.me (in this case, please use OMEMO).

What are the URLs to the services you offer?

Do you have personal sites?

Yes, we do. 3un0s' one is here and tuna's one is here. Be warned, tho, as we both are weirdos... uh, also those sites may not be up yet.

A word from the author

Hi, I'm 3un0s and I made this site (used vim of course). tuna was the one who edited the picture (slightly modified it and removed the background), please let him know he did a great job. Anyway I hope you liked the way I tried to present this website, kinda like those corporate-ish websites trying to sell you on their new brilliant ideas that no one cares about. That's it.